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Francis E. Warren Air Force Base (F.E. Warren AFB) is a United States Air Force base located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. As one of three strategic missile bases in the U.S., it was named in honor of Francis E. Warren in 1930. Home to the 90th Missile Wing (90 MW) under the Twentieth Air Force, Air Force Global Strike Command, the base operates the LGM-30G Minuteman III ICBM and commands all U.S. Air Force ICBMs through Twentieth Air Force. First established in 1867 as Fort David Allen Russell, F.E. Warren AFB is the oldest continuously active military installation in the Air Force and has a resident population of approximately 3,000.

At Mangan Law, we are committed to delivering the absolute best legal representation to the dedicated men and women serving at F.E. Warren AFB and in the greater Cheyenne, WY area.  Regardless of their rank or duty position, we know that each plays a crucial role in the 24-hour, round-the-clock defense of the United States.  Our commitment to them and their legal interests is equally strong, as we stand ready to protect and defend their rights in military legal and administrative matters.

Why Mangan Law?

Led by retired Lieutenant Colonel and former Military Judge Sean F. Mangan, our law firm stands as a stalwart defender of the Airmen, Officers, and DOD civilians serving at F.E. Warren and the 20th Air Force.  We recognize the immense pressure and scrutiny on those shouldering this demanding, essential strategic mission.  Unfortunately, the current zero-tolerance attitude can lead to unduly harsh action for even minor mistakes and aggressive prosecution of even the most flimsy accusations.

Good legal representation is critical to those under investigation by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, also known as “OSI.”  Our in-depth understanding of OSI procedures has facilitated successful navigation for enlisted Airman and Air Force Officers alike.  At F.E. Warren AFB, where high standards prevail, both service membres and civilian employees are likely to find themselves under a command-directed investigation (CDI) for minor acts of misconduct, including allegations of sexual harassment and Equal Opportunity policy, Mr. Mangan’s experience in handling CDIs and their fallout is vital aid that can make the difference between a lesson learned and a career ended. Personnel in F.E. Warren, confronting formal prosecutions or swift non-judicial punishment, can count on professional, unwavering support when they chose Mangna Law as their legal ally. 

Your service deserves the best defense.  LTC(Ret) Sean Mangan, with over 30 years of total criminal and military justice experience, offers the best chance at preserving your job, reputation, and future.  If your career is under attack in F.E. Warren AFB, Mangan Law is the firm to trust.  Call us today to set up a free, confidential legal consultation.

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