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Fairchild AFB is situated in eastern Washington and falls under the Air Mobility Command’s Eighteenth Air Force and is tasked with vital roles, including air refueling, passenger and cargo airlift, and aero-medical evacuation missions. These missions support both U.S. and coalition conventional operations and play a crucial role in U.S. Strategic Command’s strategic deterrence missions.

Mangan Law has a special focus on Fairchild AFB and the Spokane, WA, Area.  Plenty of out-of-town lawyers may throw up Google Ads, but they don’t know South Hill from Airway Heights.  We consider Spokane our “hometown” and our connection with Fairchild AFB is close and long-standing.  We regularly interact with Fairchild AFB personnel and are proud of our track record representing them.  Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Sean Mangan is a Washington-licensed attorney as well as a retired JAG and former Military Judge.  His first law enforcement agency was Spokane Police Department, and decades later he still has strong connections to both legal and law enforcement communities in the Fairchild AFB area.

A critical service that we provide is assistance in military criminal investigations and Command Directed Investigations (also known as CDI).  We firmly believe that getting good legal help early can help head off more serious legal actions.  We’ve proven that to be true right here at Fairchild AFB:  recently, when an Airmen was falsely accused of sexual misconduct, they called Mangan Law.  We didn’t sit back and wait like other law firms might… we proactively engaged with the command and brought favorable information to light.  When it was all said and done, the command decided to not file any charges or take any serious adverse action.  Our received a non-punitive letter and was able to continue on to their desired PCS assignment in Hawaii afterwards.  

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Why Mangan Law?

Led by former Military Judge Sean Mangan, Mangan Law excels in all types of military legal matters.  It’s something that Air Force personnel really need:  more so that any other service, the Air Force is known for its stringent standards and the likelihood of harsh punishments for misconduct.  These realities underscore the importance of Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Mangan’s experience.  Personnel in Fairchild AFB, whether dealing with formal prosecutions or swift non-judicial punishment, need a robust defense against career-harming legal action. In this zero-tolerance environment, Mangan Law stands as your optimal choice for preserving your military career.  If you are facing legal action or are under investigation in Fairchild AFB, don’t wait to reach out.  Call us for a free confidential legal consultation. We are proud of our good reputation for helping Air Force personnel defend their service.

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Mangan Law is more than a military defense attorney; it’s your committed ally, experienced strategist, and passionate advocate. For legal assistance in Fairchild AFB and the Spokane, WA Area, call our military defense law firm at (360) 908-2203.

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Fairchild AFB Facts

Fairchild Air Force Base
Description U.S. Air Force Base in Washington State
Location Eastern Washington, approximately 12 miles southwest of Spokane
Established 1942 as the Spokane Army Air Depot, serving as a repair depot for damaged aircraft returning from the Pacific Theater during World War II
Current Role Transitioned in 1994 to an air refueling wing under Air Mobility Command; hosts the 92nd Air Refueling Wing (active duty) and 141st Air Refueling Wing (Air National Guard), providing air refueling and support for U.S. and coalition operations
Cold War Significance Served as a Strategic Air Command base for 45 years, with bombers, tankers, and missiles
Namesake Named in honor of General Muir S. Fairchild, a World War I aviator and Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force
Runway Information Has a concrete runway, 13,899 feet in length
Aircraft Over 60 KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft assigned, largest KC-135 operating location as of 2021 with 63 aircraft
Other Units Air Force Survival School, medical detachments, Joint Personnel Recovery Agency
Personnel Over 5,200 military and civilian personnel
Economic Impact Largest employer in Eastern Washington with an annual economic impact of $427 million in the Spokane area

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