Fact:  The system has built-in advantages over the individual.

That’s a problem when you’re the individual in the system’s sights.

From the moment you choose Mangan Law, we move quickly to put you back in control.


How your case is handled early on can make every difference in the end.  The moment you make Mangan Law your legal representation, things start to change. 

At Mangan Law, “knowledge is power” is more than a saying.  It is the critical reality that determines who comes out on top in every legal battle.  That’s why our first order of business to gather, secure, and organize every piece of data related to your case. Here’s how we do it.  

First, to keep costs down, we use tools that allow the client to play an active role in ensuring we know everything we need to know.  Using secure, cloud-based tools, we digitize and organize every single document, email, text, and other piece of information you provide.  This ensures that we can access every item, at any time, from any place.  That way, nothing is every missed or delayed when we need to act on your behalf.

Once we see the lay of the land, we move out with a purpose. Where other firms might hang back and wait for the government, state, or opposing counsel to share information, we push forward.  With powerful public-records databases and private investigators at our disposal, we close the gaps and run down those little details that matter. 

Armed with information, we develop multiple courses of action (COAs) to deliver the kind of results-oriented representation you deserve.  Unlike detailed defense counsel and government-provided legal assistance, we are not limited on how we can represent you.  We consider every option that might help your case—civil, media, regulatory, public-accountability—and build a multi-dimensional strategy that keeps your interests protected and pursues the goals you set.

In executing the plan, you can expect top-tier advocacy.  As someone who has reviewed and responded to countless submissions from other servicemembers in all kinds of cases and adverse actions, Sean knows how to make sure your case gets noticed.  Every letter, motion, and argument made in your case gets the same, careful treatment.  The end result is the most persuasive arguments and supporting materials, precisely targeted and perfectly timed to give you the best shot possible.

In cases dealing with the military and government agencies, we also are careful to respect agency culture.  Thanks to valuable time spent training and advising commanders, we know what commanders think and what persuades them to act.  And, unlike attorneys who have never served, we understand that having a lawyer out front isn’t always the best answer.  We take time to assess and understand your supervisory chain, and we know how sometimes it’s better to have your legal representation to stay in the background and let you be the face of your own defense.

Finally, because we never forget that it’s your life and future, we keep you in the loop throughout your representation.  At Mangan Law, we support clients in time zones across the world, when you need us… not just during typical law firm hours.  You can rest assured that we’re listening and paying attention to what your concerns are…not just on day one but consistently throughout.  Additionally, we primarily use flat-fee billing so you will never have to worry about how much it costs to call us up and get clarification on an issue with your case

With Mangan Law, we do the work to gain the advantage early, shape the battlefield to your favor, and keep you in control.  It’s that simple. 

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