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Hire the best.

Whether you are currently under criminal investigation, facing an adverse personnel action, or simply trying to navigate the complex and confusing maze of military rules and systems, we can help.  

Some attorneys like to talk about their experience in the military legal system.  The reality is that most left service after only few years, gaining limited experience and offering little more than the services available for free from detailed military defense counsel.

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Mangan's military justice experience is unmatched:   Investigator.  Prosecutor.  Defense Counsel.  Appellate Counsel.  Professor of Criminal Law.  Military Magistrate.  Special Assistant US Attorney.  Legal Advisor.  Criminal Law Policy Attorney.  Military Judge. 

Not only has Sean done every job in military justice, he taught thousands of military attorneys from all services and even military judges how to do their jobs.  Every Army prosecutor and defense counsel is required to attend a two-week course created by Sean.  Every day, the forms, references, SOPs, and other resources Sean developed are used throughout the military justice system.

As he prepared to retire after 23 years of service, Sean was asked by the nation's most successful civilian counsel for military matters, Jocelyn Stewart, to work as Of Counsel to her firm.

Between Sean and Jocelyn, you won't find better legal representation for military investigations, UCMJ, or administrative military actions.  With decades of experience, established reputations, and current contacts throughout the Armed Forces, this team gets results.



Don't go to the courthouse alone.

From DUI cases to divorces, legal matters in local and state courts can bring additional consequences for the military member, veteran, or first responder.    

Our firm was created with the specific focus is delivering full-service legal representation to those facing simultaneous actions in both civilian courts and their military units/organizations.  There are plenty of ex-JAGs on the internet who are not licensed to appear in your local courthouse.  Likewise, there are lots of local criminal defense attorneys who say they handle military cases... but they wind up calling Sean and Jocelyn for help.  

If you are service member or dependent in Washington State and you have a legal issue, this is the law firm for you. 

Military personnel facing local criminal charges should know that even greater consequences may await them afterwards, in the form of adverse military administrative actions.  What sounds like a good outcome or strategy to a civilian defense attorney could mean disastrous results later for your career.  The wrong action in a local legal matter could impact your future assignments, promotions, and even your military retirement.

In addition to his career as a military attorney and judge, Sean also has experience in both local and federal law enforcement agencies and has prosecuted criminal cases in both state and federal civilian courts.  His experience and knowledge about police procedure and investigations far exceeds that of the typical criminal defense attorney.  

By choosing Mangan Law, you secure the law firm that approaches both sides of the civilian/military equation from day one, so that you get the best results--both at the courthouse and at the flagpole.

When everything you have is at risk, don't take chances.



Sometimes the good guy needs a lawyer.

Whether you are a peace officer, armed professional, or someone just protecting yourself and your family, your split-second decisions will be scrutinized harshly.  

Don't let doing the right thing cause you to lose everything.

With experience defending government officials in use-of-force cases, including circumstances where civilian fatalities resulted, Sean is uniquely qualified to represent law enforcement officers facing internal sanctions or criminal charges.

Likewise, Sean's superior knowledge of firearms and self-defense law makes this is the law firm for both armed professionals and individuals.  Washington State recently added significant new restrictions and regulations on firearms.  Sean is among the nation's most knowledgable attorneys when it comes to firearms and the laws governing their ownership, transfer, and use.  He is regularly contacted by by other attorneys and even judges for help in this area.



Turn to us when the system turns on you.

Public accountability of government agencies is a huge issue today.  The ability of an individual to generate pressure on government officials has never been greater.  Thanks to smartphones, the world is awash in video cameras that can instantly capture any situation and edit the footage, or even broadcast it live. Thanks to social media, any person with an agenda can leverage the kind of media attention that once required PR firms and professional production resources.

This pressure can and does cause some agencies to act quickly and inappropriately to quell public criticism.  This often comes at the expense of the individual employee involved.  When you're the police officer, firefighter, or other public servant involved, the experience will be frustrating and confusing, and can sometimes spiral completely out of control with little warning.

You are not alone.  Choosing personal representation is the first step to regaining control of your own career.  We have extensive experience in dealing with internal disciplinary action for sexual harassment, toxic leadership, substandard performance, and other matters.

I am facing an internal action and need help.
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